Friday, August 15, 2008

You got to be kidding me

There's a swap shop program that runs on the local radio station. I've been listening to the show since I was a kid in the 50's. Yes, I'm that old! In the last few years they also add the items to their web page. Someone please tell the editor that a female dog that has been sterilized has been SPAYED not spaid or spade!

Since I've been in the technology business since 1982, I get some great chuckles on what people think their old piece of junk computer is actually worth. Today this ad was placed.

Dell Dimension 4100 computer, Windows XP Pro, +, Gateway screen VX720, Dell QuietKey keyboard, Altec Lansing speakers, Canon Multipass F50 Printer/Fax/Scan - $250 OBO.

You can go to a big box retailer and buy a BRAND new computer with a 1 year total warranty for the same price. WHY oh WHY would anyone consider paying a stranger that much money for a piece of junk that's several years old, was taken out of service for some unknown reason, probably doesn't have the original and actual licensed software disks (to reload it in case the hard drive goes out...which it will SOON!)

Friends, this stuff is being manufactured faster than Orville makes popcorn. It's not made to last, it's not made to be dependable, and it's CERTAINLY NOT made to withstand the regular lightning strikes that we get here in the Red River Valley! BUY NEW, if it breaks THROW IT and BUY NEW AGAIN, but for sure don't give any money to dumpster divers or garage sale enthusiasts who are trying to make a buck. I can't count the times that folks have purchased such an item, then 2 weeks later it fails them and they call our repair shop and we explain that their "NON DEAL" purchase is going to cost them about $200.oo more just to get working with NO GUARANTEE that it will continue working. READ MY LIPS...BUY NEW! If it breaks after the warranty, BUY NEW AGAIN!! You'll be a LOT happier.

As a side note, I found this incredibly funny! Parachute. used once, never opened. small stain. Isn't the phrase used one and never opened contradictory? And if it is the case, I don't even want to contemplate what the small stain might be! OH well, I guess if you'd trust your life to something you purchase USED for $47.00 what's a stain or two!