Friday, June 13, 2008

In the Crookston Times June(12/08)there was a letter from a Victor Frank. (you can read his letter at the bottom of this post.) This is my reply.

Dear Mr. Frank,

I take great exception to your letter to the editor! I think you need to do some fact checking and get a better grip on the realities of the world.

You said: "Health Care: The U.S. vitally needs a single payer, Canadian style, private delivery, public health insurance system."
Through the good fortune of getting hired by an international company and working for their Canadian division I got to spend 5 years in Canada and live and work and interact with their "STYLE" of health care. First of all it isn't free! A typical family of four might pay between 100 and 200/month for the BASIC coverage. BUT WAIT..."although that covers 100% of all doctor's fees, ambulance fares, tests, and everything that happens in a hospital (QUOTE from Mythbusting Canadian Healthcare on the web) it doesn't include "extras" like medical equipment, PRESCRIPTIONS, physical therapy or chiropractic care, dental, vision, and so on; and if you want a private or semi-private room with TV and phone, that costs extra!" Want to get the extras on a plan, well...add 300 or 400 more to your monthly bill. HMMM where's the "healthcare that everyone can afford" part now?

I've lived the Canadian system and I'll stick with my Blue Cross 80/20 plan any day! Do I think the premiums are to high? Sure! But I'm telling you THIS is better. Do you realize how many Canadian doctors come to America to practice? It's not about the money, it's about being able to practice medicine in a better way. How many American doctors are awaiting Canadian work permits? Think back to East & West Germany, there weren't to many folks trying to break into the East yet you want to bring their systems to our country.

You said: "McCain experienced a horrible P.O.W. confinement, but supports war..." What are you using as your evidence for that? That he voted yes for the war just like Hillary did? I'm not a big McCain fan but criticize him on facts NOT on what the other side keeps trying to put out as fear mongering...but I guess it works since you're repeating it.

You said: "We will not police the world." I've had the good fortune of spending a long week in Israel and got handed off to the Palestinians for two of those days. I listened while they went to great lengths to explain how they were raised to hate Jews and Americans, how they were trained as little kids that driving the Israelis into the Med. and drowning them was the greatest thing they could wish for. I saw the memories of hate in their eyes. Is Israel perfect? Not by a long shot, but they want to make peace. The other side wants victory, the other side wants to KILL every Jew and every American, and is willing to sacrifice any amount of their children to succeed at it. I hope and pray that someone keeps policing the world for a long time to come. NOW just who that might be-might make a good discussion, but you got to get over this "let's all join hands and sing Kum By YA," and the world will suddenly become a peaceful place. Get on a plane and spend a few days with these groups that you don't think need policing and then let's talk.

You said: "If you do vote perhaps do so for Ralph Nader, a man of integrity and ignored by corporate media." This man is nothing but a media hound. He's mentioned repeatedly on all the major USA networks constantly, what do you listen to the BBC? To be as successful as he is he's got to be smart enough to figure out that he cost the Democrats the last two presidential elections. There is NO DOUBT of this. He singlehandedly elected the president named Bush that you have indubitably stated your opinions on repeatedly in this rag. Vote for Nader to send a signal that you're dissatisfied with the other parties if you are so compelled, but do a lot more research before you use words like integrity. It's easy to sit in your walled garden and talk about peace and love and taking care of the environment. Why not spend some time thanking the people who built and maintain that wall for you?

John Reitmeier

Letter to the Editor: We need to do more than just pick a candidate

The presidential primary season has finally ended and its McCain and Obama as major party candidates.

I believe there are three major issues that are interrelated that must be addressed by these candidates.

Health Care: The U.S. vitally needs a single payer, Canadian style, private delivery, public health insurance system. McCain and Obama are opposed.

Defense/Military spending: The bloated, wasteful, ever expanding military budget currently 50 percent of the Federal government operating expenditure- must be cut. McCain experienced a horrible P.O.W. confinement, but supports war and the present ghastly Iraq War. Obama has stated he wants to increase military spending and to be elected will certainly not speak of cuts to the military.

The environment/Our Earth is the greatest issue, with Health Care for all, and the Defense budged reduced the U.S. can start to be on the path of environmental consciousness and personal responsibility. We will not police the world, but instead give our attentions to sustainability, reduce our consumption and show concern for the land, air, water, and all life.

McCain and Obama are addicted to present Capitalist system- a cancer that consumes, depletes and destroys. Both of them are beholden to Big Oil and Corporate plunder in general. They speak little of the crisis Earth endures.

A vote for McCain is another step down the ladder of ruin that eight years of George W. Bush personifies. Obama offers hope, he says, but it's more uncertainty that separates him from McCain.

If you do vote perhaps do so for Ralph Nader, a man of integrity and ignored by corporate media. Better yet don't look for saviors and live simply that others may simply live. That is the change each of us can bring about with positive results