Thursday, May 22, 2008

Excuse me for being a 2nd class citizen.

This is lifted from the local radio station news page (May 21,08) on the web. A gentleman was wanting to put some twin homes (duplexes) in an area that's mostly single family homes.

"There was concern in the neighborhood that there is primarily single family homes there now, and there was concern expressed by a number of folks that twin homes would diminish the quality of the neighborhood..."

WOW that's a nice to say. You're presuming that because folks can't afford OR don't wish to have such a big piece of property that by owning/living in a "twin home" that they will diminsh the quality of the neighborhood? Talk about arrogant! I don't think your parents raised you up like that. So life is good for you and you got 2 SUV's and a great big house that's mostly empty space. WOOPIE! I'm so happy for you. As an owner of a duplex in Crookston I'm totally OFFENDED by your "expressions"!!! We are all citizens of this community. We all pay taxes. We all support our kids in the schools. We even paid our share of the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the new tennis courts so you can play your sport while those of our tribe who skate board and roller blade had to raise their own money to enjoy their sport.

I'm reminded of those cartoon where all the horses are tied to a long rope to pull a cart up a hill, but they're all pulling in different directions. That's how it seems things happen in Crookston. Why can't we all pull in the same direction? Considering ALL the folks who live here as equal stakeholders in the success of our town, just might get us started on that path. How about an appology to all us DIMINISHED folks?