Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our goals might be the same but you're not understanding our point of view!

To the person on who said: I feel sad about the I love Crookston web page in that those types who claim there's nothing wrong in Crookston seemingly have driven their point home, namely, there's nothing wrong. Funny thing is, as these gray haired types look around, they see their cohorts, going into nursing homes or more time at the doctor's office, or getting fat, etc. Thus the justified longing for the "good old days" such as what the I love Crookston web page is all about, going back to the 1950's and 60's.

Thanks for your post and PLEASE LET ME CLARIFY SOMETHING! I (the site owner) and others have NEVER make the claim that there's NOTHING wrong with out town. We'd be the first to admit that there are many things that need improving, changing, fixing, perking up, and challenging! What I'm unhappy about is the method that folks are using. Nothing more. I acknowledge there are MANY problems, but let's decide that this is a pretty good place to live, and roll up our sleeves and get to work making it an even better place.

NOT WALLOWING in the muck! Find the sunshine. If you're religious, get more involved in your church. If you're not (which by the way, I will support you all the way to hell on!) (PLEASE IT WAS A JOKE!) then find another way to help FIX what you don't like. There's lots of service organizations, there's fraternal groups who do wonderful things! There's just plain local citizens or families that do many things that make an incredible difference. And there's neighborhood groups that get involved. I'm sure ANYONE of them would welcome you, and if not START YOUR OWN.

I stand by my words. This is a great town, it's full of great people and honorable businesses. Let's make it an even better place! But let's do it by working together not flinging poo at each other. What you see on TV isn't real, this is real, this is real life, let's make it better...TOGETHER!

BTW was NOT intented to be a walk down memory lane, it's just that so many folks sent in PAST memories, that we made a separate section of those happy times. If you notice, the top section is the RIGHT NOW, CURRENT feeling that folks have about our town. And as an aside, most of the folks who sent in something on the current section are NOT Grey of hair, and won't be for a long time! Why not identify yourself? Or at least tell us where you are from, where you are living now and what your connection to Crookston is? Let's make the town stronger, not break it apart.

My Name is John Reitmeier and I love my hometown and I'm not afraid to say it to anyone!

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