Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is this the last great Saturday of the Summer?

WOW, it's bound to happen. We're actually a few days behind. But try as we might, no amount of positive thinking is going to change the fact that any day now, any moment, it'll be time to put on the long underware for another season. It's been a great summer, mostly supported by the almost lack of mosquitos. I remember years where they took over as early as June 12, and made the rest of the season worthless. Yet this year we could be out most every evening and hardly see a one.

2006 the year of the NON mosquito. It needs to go down in the history books.

I hope that you got out for one more ride, for one more walk, or just for one more sit on the porch. I don't mind the change in seasons, but I'd like to hold onto this summer for just a little longer.

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