Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm thinking the Pope is smarter than we think.

Well it's been a couple of weeks. Pope Benedict quoted an ancient text about Islam being focused on a mission of violence. So some of their fanatical members responded by saying, "we're not violent!" and then burning down a few churchs and killing a Nun.

Coffee club comments mostly focus on what a dumb thing it was to say. Or how ignorant he must be to have offended all those people. But think about this. I can only assume that an organization as big as the hierarchy of the Catholic Church must have dozens if not hundreds of folks on board who's only just is to be "aware!" To feel the pulse, the heartbeat of different societies. Couple that with historians who can quote you line and verse of the development, rise and fall of societies and civilizations for thousands of years. I can't believe that anything his holiness says hasn't been gone over with a fine tooth comb for potential faux pas potential. That each phrase is considered as to what effect it will have on the different groups that make up both the Catholic church, the catholic church (not a missquote or a misstype...look up the word catholic!), or the rest of the political, religious, and sociatial groups.

I think time is going to tell us that his words were carefully chosen and that it may have a much better outcome of finding a solution to some sort of peace than any butt kissing politically correct, count the votes drizzle that comes forth from the mouths of other political and religious leaders. I'm not Catholic, but I think PB is on to something. I think his plan is to meet them face to face. To challenge the 1.1 billion peaceful ones to get out their and shut down the fanatics. In this I support him, and pray for his success every day!

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