Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye XX Olympics

Well it's over. I watched the winter Olympics more this time than any other time in the past. I was actually whooping and hollaring when Apolo got the gold and then did so well in the relay! That's never happened to me before. Am I becoming a sports enthusiast in my middle age? And how do those skiers "learn" to do those acrobatic moves. The first time must be a real mind bender! So thanks to the Curlers and the Skiers and the 1/2 Pipers and especially the Skaters! A lot of folks have been complaining about the coverage and saying that the Canadian station put out a better feed. OK. Being a technical guy and seeing all that they delived to my TV I have no complaints about that or even any "comments of improvement."

Here's my only complaint. There's a WAR going on and yet I never heard one comment about, "I did it for my brother in Iraq." OR "this is for the troups." OR even "HI to our troups." No matter what your feelings about this war, we've lost well over 2000 brave soldiers. How many thousands more have severe injuries both physical and emotional/mental. AND NOT ONE WORD!? Shame on someone. Did you hear anything? Please let me know.

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