Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Apathy is going to bring us DOWN

Abdul Rahman is just a regular Afghan guy. Only problem is that this regular guy decided to become a Christian. He was a Muslim, probably a good one! At some point he made a decision to accept Christ in his life. When he was questioned by Afghan police about something unimportant, they caught sight of his Bible. They asked him about it and he told them he had become a Christian, 16 years ago. NOW UNDER Muslim law in Afghanistan, he faces charges of being an infidel and being put to death.

His only hope to not be murdered is to be judged as being insane, because under Muslim law he's not responsible for his actions if he is not of sound mind.

How many billion dollars have we spent to support a government that would let this happen? This is a time for EVERY Christian person in the world to stand up and SHOUT THEIR OUTRAGE. This is unbelievable. Get a hold of your congressmen and ask them how they can support this, because if they keep quiet they are support this. UNBELIEVABLE You MUST TAKE ACTION! Talk to your friends, bring it up in your groups, contact your congressmen. Don't let this pass by.

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